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On Tuesday, I was forwarded a commercial and asked what did I think of the voice.


I was surprised by what I heard.


Let me try and describe it.  Female.  25-35. A young mom.  Real.  Narrative.  Almost musing.  Not taking themselves too seriously.  Reflective.  Almost an internal monologue.


As I’m writing this I’m listening to it again, and I realize the VO doesn’t even say the name of the product.  The voice was lovely, but the read was very flat - so flat even I was surprised.  (Maybe I shouldn’t have been, because the flat natural read is very in right now.)


Then I realized what was going on.  


This commercial is about the visual and less about the VO.  More about the people and the landscape in it and not about the VO.  Much more about the pictures of sunlight and cars and joy and not about VO. Even about the music they use and not about the VO.   


In most media the voice is only a portion of a final product. And we audition to do one part of the whole.


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Imagine the voice (your voice) in the context of the whole.


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