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VO4TA: Value

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VO4TA: Value


Adding something is easy: adding value is hard.  So, are you adding value to the idea in the audition?


(Once again - I’m trying to explain the way things sound in a tiny little space).


In a television commercial the odds are that your voiceover is not the most important element.  And in the audition what is expected of you is to perform in a way that makes sense based on spec, the taste of the market today (not the market 20 years ago) and with an ear to being a part of an overall whole.   


Your part is important - but it is of relative value to the other ideas in the spot.  (Casting, script, lighting, direction, music, cinematography, etc.) Your read balances all the component parts.  You add a point of view or an energy.  You talk to a consumer (or a voter, or a Mom, or a retiree) about what matters to them and why this product or service is the right one for them.  


If you hit a brand name - you are adding too much.  If you work too hard - you are adding too much.  If you read for a sound and without an emotional intention…  you get what I mean.


And all of that happens by doing the right thing with your audition and never too much.  


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


Always remember  - too much mustard ruins the hot dog (Sid Vicious and Jenny McCarthy are the exceptions that prove the rule).


Commercial Voiceover Weekend Intensive June 24 - 25!  Details here!  


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