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VO4TA: Simple

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March 2017 class dates!

Commercial Critique Workshop:

Monday March 20th! (5 seats left)

Monday March 27th (8 seats left)


VO4TA: Simple


The simplest things make the difference.


You got an audition today? Fine.


You can send in the audition? Good.  Label it with your working name and the project name, not the default file name your gear puts on it.


The audition is due at 3? Fantastic.  Get it there in the morning so someone can tick it off of their list of submissions.


And you can audition on your phone?  Great.  Record it in a quiet, dead room.  Not in a bathroom.


And if you do all of those things (and yes,  many more) consistently, what have you created?  A pattern of taking professional responsibility that is recognizable and makes you someone your representation calls first with an opportunity.  




Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


Rome wasn't built in a day - but they were laying brick every hour.   


Monday March 20th and

Monday March 27th!

7pm Comm Feedback Class


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