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VO4TA: Pause

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VO4TA: Pause


Good Morning, my Gentle Readers.  


There are big plans afoot for 2018: a complete rebuild of the VO4TA site with a video documentary, new interviews and the transfer of the VO4TA Blog to a new distribution service (Mailchimp, Constant Contact or something of that ilk). So, don’t be surprised if a strange email or two appears in your box; all these things have a shakeout period.  


So with all this underway - I have decided to take a pause from blogging. Not terribly long - a few weeks at the most. Knowing that I won’t be talking to you as these things are getting done, I feel, will spurn me to give them all of my effort before your attention turns away.  


Oh, how fickle the audience is…. (sigh).


So, have no fear everyone - the VO4TA blog will return to public life shortly.  


Be on the lookout later this month!   


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


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Hellow my name is MartinJar. Wery good-hearted post! Thx :)
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