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VO4TA: Midsummer

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Commercial Voiceover Weekend Intensive July 15 - 16! (Only four seats still available)  Details here!  


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VO4TA: Midsummer


Perhaps you’ve been waiting for “the right time”.  There isn’t one.  There’s right now and an unknowable and even more inconvenient “someday” that may never come.  And besides - Summer is the best time to take classes. Keeps the saw sharp for the fall when the action starts up again.


The last intensive was terrific! Such a great time!  At the end everyone was excited and exhausted and I was rewarded with one of the best thank you notes ever.  


“Hello Hugh…    Thank you for your class and the information shared.  You are very easy to listen to.  You know your shit and a lot more. Take care :) - Millie K.”


This one is going straight onto the new Testimonials page.  Oh - did I mention that the site is getting a full makeover?  Another summer project in the works…


July has the Commercial Weekend Intensive on the 15th - 16th and one Feedback Workshop on Monday night July 24th.  Come and spend the night with me. Or maybe even a whole weekend! Make with the clicky!


Personally, I’m going to try and take in the eclipse on August 21st. And by popular demand I am going to have a birthday party again this year.  Date announced soon.  


So, go out of town for the 4th and come back ready to go, my Gentle Reader.  Things are afoot!


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


Commercial Voiceover Weekend Intensive July 15 - 16!  Details here!  


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