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VO4TA: Logline

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VO4TA: Commercial Feedback Workshop

June 12th and 19th! (Four seats available) Commercial Voiceover Weekend Intensive June 24 - 25!   Details here!   


Thinking about taking a class with HPK?  Take a look and see what they’re about!


VO4TA: Logline


In my first podcast interview (for anything actually) the inestimable Matty Blake asked me - “If you had to write a logline for your classes - what would it be?”

I didn’t even know what a logline was…  


The first thing that came out of my mouth elicited surprised laughs in the studio.  Matty liked that a lot.  I thought I was being- well, almost rude somehow?  But Matty was encouraging, saying that he appreciated the honesty.  And I’ve learned to really believe in the idea.


Here’s the latest blurb for my classes in June and July (with the July dates to be announced).


“Voice Casting Director Hugh P. Klitzke has three classes on offer in June.”  


“A Commercial Critique and Feedback class on Monday - June 12th or June 19th.  7 to 9 pm. $75.00.    And also his Commercial Voiceover Weekend Intensive.  Saturday June 24 AND Sunday June 25th.  This is the first time he's offered the intensive it in a while.  $325.00 for eight hours of instruction.”


“He writes: ‘Teachers and coaches notoriously over promise.  I maintain that if you really believe taking this class or any one class will let you start working in voiceover immediately - you are out of your mind!  However, in an evening you can get high quality feedback.   And in a weekend you can learn tools to build skills.  And that's what these classes are about.'


“The Commercial Critique and Feedback Workshop is a chance for you to have two separate commercial reads recorded and critiqued in a two hour class setting.”


“The Commercial Voiceover Weekend Intensive breaks down commercial voiceover into four topics; harnessing the personal voice, commercial construction, navigating direction, and putting all of it together.  Eight hours over a Saturday and a Sunday.”


“All at Pomann Sound in Midtown.   Details here


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


You can blame Matty Blake.  He’s used to it by now.


Commercial Voiceover Weekend Intensive June 24 - 25! More SAG / AFTRA EIF Lab classes too!   Details here!  


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