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VO4TA: Lately

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VO4TA: Lately


Lately I’ve stopped taking my own advice.  There was a Times article about the value of self-talk that Nicole Blackman sent me.  (Yes THAT Nicole Blackman - as if there WERE any other...)  Maybe I should start directing myself out loud, I don’t know.   


I’ve starting missing my own cues...  Like not seeing titles when they’re on the top of the page.  LINK  


Forgetting that I need to highlight the important information after I’ve processed it for myself.  LINK  


I forget that there are all kinds of ways online to find out more details for auditions, whether information is given to me or not. LINK


That it’s sometimes just not that hard to get back on track.  LINK   


And that I just need to breathe - and let myself adjust. LINK


Just take it easy, Hugh - and everyone else.  


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


Don’t you be so hard on yourself and I’ll try to do the same.


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