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VO4TA: Fads vs Trends

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VO4TA: Fads vs Trends


"A fad is a wave in the ocean. A trend is the tide." - The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout


Can you tell a fad when you're in one?  Or do they have to pass before you can realize: “That was here and now it’s gone”?  Does a trend happen so slowly you can’t see it as it’s happening?


Is the "real person sound" a fad or a trend? Time has moved the "non-announcery" sound to "conversational" to "real".  A trend shift.  


Is the celebrity read a fad or a trend? It seems to me that celebrities are now hired when they can do the voiceover job well - not just for their own sake. A celebrity getting hired for being a celebrity is a fad. (Whether or not they actually need the money is a whole other issue).


The "I - couldn’t - care - less - if - you - buy - this - diamond" sound (sometimes called the ‘fuck you read’) wound up being a fad. But that was made clear only after the 2009 downturn. All the reads went back to warm and reassuring. It seemed that consumers actually like being spoken to with appreciation and smile and without being told:  "If you make the wrong choice and don’t buy this durable good item - Pffft! That’s your problem…"  


What else?  End of the “announcer sound”?  (Or the announcer “type”)? Fad. But with a caveat: announcers get hired but they are used ironically or humorously. The end of “announcing”? (verb not noun) Trend. Those are two different things. Think about it… We narrate in commercials much more than actually announce things – even when the script has words like “Introducing…”  Does that make sense?


So – what is a voiceover trend and what is a fad? Got a thought?


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


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