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VO4TA: Conversational is dead



The directions “conversational” and “not announcery” have been forever replaced by the word “real”!


Thank you for this moment of your time!   


(Facetious tone, I know.  Can’t help it).   

The trend now is the “realer than real” read.  So natural - it’s almost, well, unnatural.    But it’s cousin “conversational” is not far away.   


It’s a read connected to the emotions underneath the copy. It’s a non-sell.  It’s letting the words work for you.  All the stuff that makes a great commercial read great.  Just more subtle and unique than ever.  


It’s another reason why celebrity reads are so appealing: celebrity reads are invested in bringing life to the words from their own point of view without a concern for being perfect.


As with all things it comes and goes in waves.  Stand by the shore long enough and you’ll get wet.  Until you don’t anymore.  And then you do again.  


“Conversational” and “not announcery” are not far away.  Just refined.


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