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VO4TA: Slating

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VO4TA: Slating


ACTOR: I mean I was there! I actually saw a producer just listen “slate, slate, slate, slate...” Nothing else.


HPK:  I’ve heard of that, too.


ACTOR: Yeah, but to actually SEE a producer make a decision based on “slate, slate, slate, slate” not listening to ANYTHING else… That was surprising, to say the least.


HPK:  I bet.


ACTOR:  But I will say, this other time… (and this was one of my first pharma jobs) it was something I’d been cast for and got the booking, like, six months later. I talked to those producers and they said they had listened to 400 maybe 500 auditions all the way through before calling me.   


HPK: I just can’t imagine.


ACTOR: I know, right?  I always used to think: “I’ll slate one way (just my usual way) and then I’ll show them how versatile I am by going into the completely different sound of the audition. Now, I try and stay in the same mode all the way through.


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


Yes, these conversations are fake. And real. And really fake.


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