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VO4TA: React

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VO4TA: React

Way back in September 2013, I pulled this quote from my blogging hero, Seth Godin.   


“The easiest thing to do is react.  The second easiest thing to do is respond. But the hardest thing is to initiate”.  

- Seth Godin


I still agree with the quote.  


But now, I look at actors (especially actors who are new to voiceover) and I see them struggling with the idea of having to act alone. To initiate.  And I think that is a failing of the academy.  


In the academy (my blanket term for school environments), actors have a community of colleagues to participate with.  But out in the “real world” (and MAN do I hate THAT term)...


Out in the work-a-day world of auditioning, actors have no community to work through an idea with, bounce an idea off of, or play a scene with.  


On camera or voiceover or stage, the actor has to audition alone.  


I put it to my readership: Do schools really teach the skills to audition effectively?  Especially the process of standing alone in audition room with nothing but a camera or a microphone to talk to?


It’s too important not to.  




Commercial Voiceover Weekend Intensive July 15 - 16!  Details here!  


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