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VO4TA: More Things To Never Do When Auditioning From Home

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VO4TA: More Things To Never Do When Auditioning From Home

1. Ignore the instructions.

Buried in the email are guidelines for saving format, slating format, direction or any number of things. Read and understand them all before turning on your mic.

2. Send files via an uploading service.

This may sound strange, but simpler is better. If the file is small enough to be attached to an email, do so. And most MP3s are. No need for a recipient to have to create a Hightail account if the file is a lowly 10mb.

3. Send it in late.  

Why should I even bother writing this one? Oh, right… Because it happens all the time. Let’s refine this a little.

4. Send it in “just under the wire”...  

It is never a surprise to me that people who submit earlier, book more.

5. Send multiple takes on separate files. It’s better to include multiple takes all on one file, rather than 8 files attached to an email that someone has to edit together.

6. Record in an untreated “echoey” environment, with a cheap mic, on their phone, without getting out of bed…  

“People record on their phones all the time, Hugh. My friend’s roommate’s brother booked this thing where he just… ” I know, I know and that’s when they are explicitly told that they can. And then, there is the rest of the time…  




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