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VO4TA: I Let Them Go First


My job is to help the actor do what they do better. Not for them to do what I tell them to.  So I listen and work from there.

I let the actor go first...

VO4TA: Read Every Damn Word On The Page



I could just stop there and it would cover an entire post.

But I'll elaborate...


VO4TA: The Competition


Before my first audition for anything, I was told this by my private teacher.

It was maybe two minutes filled with more truth than a fifteen year old could hear, but I never forgot it...

VO4TA: Decide Who You Are Talking To


One of the very first directions given in the booth is "talk to one person." 

I clarify it by saying:  For example, there is a big difference, for me, between talking to my father and talking to my brother...

VO4TA: Commercial Copy is Everywhere


The world of commercial copy is broad and limited at the same time.  It's always written in an astonishingly similar style.  Now it just talks to us in different places. It's all about paying attention...

VO4TA: My First Time


I met the trombonist Wycliffe Gordon in the Upper West Side cafe where I was waiting tables. "Off Center" has been closed for a long time, but I learned a lot there...