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VO4TA: The Right Thing


Actors are asked if there is anything they are unwilling to lend their talents to support.  Some won't advertise petroleum. Others Scientology. Or Democrats.

A valid question for a business where the service of your visage or speech are sold.

VO4TA: Working


Work consists of three things: the gig, the hang, and the money. 

The gig. That’s the job you do. Digging ditches. Voiceover. Reception. Acting. Rattlesnake milking. Whatever. Hopefully you love it.  

VO4TA: Authentic


The demand for "authentic" has risen tremendously in voice over - especially in video games.  

Meaning if they want Jamaican - they mean authentic Jamaican and if they want French they want authentic French (and not Pepe’ Le Pew).  This is (in large part) a by product of the interconnected "wired" world.

VO4TA: Questions


A question is not just a question.

VO4TA: The Celebrity - No. 1


Actor:  I had always thought it was star-fucking.

HPK:  Well, yeah.  To some degree.  You can’t deny it.

Actor:  But it's not just that.

HPK:  No?  Alright, then what?

VO4TA: Workflow


Agents are constantly looking for opportunities for their existing client base and helping those clients participate in those opportunities.  That’s the job.

VO4TA: Not For You


In a world where music can be as diverse as Robert Fripp, Wolfgang Mozart, Ani DiFranco, Steve Sondheim and more...

VO4TA: Marilyn


Marilyn Monroe on sexy: "Sometimes I’m thinking of men. Other times I’m thinking of some man in particular. It’s easier to look sexy when you’re thinking of some man in particular."

VO4TA: The $10,000.00 Thermos


Coffee.  I even love the word. "Cawffeee."

VO4TA: Don't Trust Yourself


Don't trust yourself.  Take notes before you go.