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VO4TA: Paid To Audition


ACTOR:  We should get paid to audition.

HPK:  Yeah, that crossed my mind recently.  I don't know why  it did - but I agree with you.  Maybe it's because I've been thinking a lot about "work" lately.  Work as an object. A thing.

But it'll never happen.

VO4TA: Haiku Analysis - No. 2


Where we continue the analysis of the first official Voice Over for the Actor haiku. (Any other poetry thus far has been accidental)

VO4TA: Haiku Analysis - No. 1


"Fool! VO is not

Decoration on the text

Nor sound from the mouth!"

What does this really mean?  

VO4TA: You Have No Auditions Today...


You have no auditions today, so:   

You can prep your taxes.  Really prep them.  Not just think about prepping them.


VO4TA: Perfect


Seth Godin recently wrote:  "As creators, our pursuit of perfection might be misguided, particularly if it comes at the expense of the things that matter."

VO4TA: Haiku


Haiku to the drunk party guest who always asks:  

"So, can I get into Voice Over? People always tell me I have a good voice!"

VO4TA: Let the Games Begin


I'm teaching the first of my classes this year.  

Commercial Voice Over for the Actor 

Four Saturdays - January 25th, February 1st, 8th and 15th.

1 to 3 PM.  

The link to the full description is here

VO4TA: Mailbag


Re: VO4TA: An Intern Story

although your former intern could have developed friendships with agents and casting directors in her time at the agency - and if they fell in love with her, they might have been likely to get her auditions and meetings!  just a thought. for the most part, i entirely agree, though!

Max J.   

VO4TA: An Intern Story


So, an old intern of mine hit me up letting me know she had the chance to interview as an assistant at a talent agency.  She'd learn the names of working actors, the projects they were on and the people that hired them  (producers, etc.)  And she'd be great at the admin job - but it in itself would never lead to acting (which was her ultimate goal).  

VO4TA: Aristotle


I told my thoughts on slating to an actor and later they said it sounded like Aristotle.