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VO4TA: Hunger Games and PSH


Steven Preeg - Hollywood FX guy, talking on Studio 360 about CG replacing Phil Seymour Hoffman in the Hunger Games...

VO4TA: Ahead


Reading ahead is very effective.  

Train your eye to move ahead on the line as you read aloud.  

VO4TA: Away


Try this: record yourself reading a simple tag three times in a row.  


VO4TA: Perspective


Perspective changes everything.

Take my Mom.


VO4TA: Ear


Ear.  Another abstract concept to discuss in 200 - 300 words.  


VO4TA: That "Perfect" Thing - Again


More than once I've heard an actor (especially a young one) say to me:  "I just want to get this piece of copy down perfectly."

It's a very "actory" thing to say; that desire to perfect something before moving on to something new.  


VO4TA: A Tag


Here's a tag. I wrote it.  It's not a very good one.  

"Make your choice today."

VO4TA: My Guy


"How's my ‘guy'?"

"What do you think of my ‘guy'?"

"Is this the right 'guy' for the spot?"


VO4TA: This is not the SAT


When people ask me: “Can I write on this?” I really wonder sometimes...  


You're asking me if you can write on the copy.  


Can you WRITE on the COPY?

This is NOT the SAT!

VO4TA: No Hitting


It's like Kindergarten.  We never hit.

We "choose".  We "emphasize". We "understand".