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VO4TA: Writing Copy


Bit of a lightbulb moment here, Gentle Reader.  


I’m surprised I’ve never considered learning about writing copy. Not actually writing it myself. I don’t believe you or I need to write it or even should.  But there is nothing lost and maybe much to be gained from reading a few articles targeted to writers to learn the thinking about how copy is put down on paper.


VO4TA: Walla


Wikipedia: “In American radio, film, television, and video games, ‘walla’ is a sound effect imitating the murmur of a crowd in the background..."

VO4TA: I just want to...


Bit of frustration on my part - but more puzzled or perhaps bewildered…     


If I wanted to produce “low cost voiceover demos” for a living - I probably could.  Why?  Seems like there’s a market.  I have had many actors who study with me talk about their friends who want to “try voiceover” and “just make a demo” to “see what happens”.  And if I was of the type to take advantage - I probably could clean up.


VO4TA: Touching


I am in studios a lot.  Usually my own.

But I do get out.  I like seeing other people work.  And then I am their guest.  A guest in their house.  

VO4TA: Podcast


I am recording a new podcast this evening.  The Itinerant Voice Over Actor Podcast.  It’s about time I did a new one. Here is a link to an interview I did for The Actor’s Grind Podcast in 2014.   

VO4TA: Definitions


If you are mispronouncing a word - ask yourself: Do I really understand what the word means in this context?  Can I define this word in my own language?  (Totenkopf? Well, it’s actually the emblem on the German cavalry rider’s hat which then became synonymous with the hat itself).


VO4TA: Audition Mic


So, before you lay down any cash for gear understand what you are trying to accomplish.  Do you want a mic set up to practice with? Or to audition with? Do you want to work from home?  Do you want to produce deliverable finished audio to a client?  

VO4TA: Headphones


I had a friend ask me about a mic for his kid’s podcasting setup.  Kid is 9. (Nine).  As in not in double digits, nine!  (All comments about my “aging rapidly” will be now be ignored.  We all get older one day at a time, pal. Fine. Good.  Going on, now…)


VO4TA: RE Singing


04/11/17 I wrote: To all my VO folks out there -  have you ever auditioned to sing on a commercial?   


VO4TA: Singing


Singing isn’t a part of commercial voiceover anymore, is it?  You still hear the occasional jingle - but they’re not auditioned like voiceovers.  


I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever directed a singer for a commercial.  I’ve directed them for promos and even for animation theme songs; but never an actual commercial.