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VO4TA: Thought of the Day


Don’t make a meal out of a snack.


VO4TA: Political Thinking


“Politics is show business for ugly people” - Roger Stone


“He’s got a face made for radio, with a body to match” - an old voiceover truism  

VO4TA: Fads vs Trends


"A fad is a wave in the ocean. A trend is the tide." - The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout


VO4TA: Guinness Records


So in the late 70s John Moschitta, Jr. became the Guinness Record holder for the fastest talking man, being able to articulate 586 words a minute. The average is about 2 a second - 120 a minute give or take.


VO4TA: The Second Thing


I once asked a costume designer about their favorite design.  Their response: Gone With The Wind.  (Ask someone about their favorite ‘thing’ and you’ll immediately get an answer).  Then I asked: “Okay - what’s your second favorite?”  He took a moment.  “Blade Runner” was the response. (It’s so interesting to watch people think, answer and say why).  


VO4TA: Courage


It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.

  • Erma Bombeck


Isn't that what auditioning is?  

VO4TA: The Guts


I admire the guts it takes to be an actor.  The courage to live the awkward tangled-up lives that result from the decision: "I want to be a  professional actor. A working actor."

VO4TA: Summer Reading


Gentle Reader - I downloaded SimplyE for the NYPL System about a month ago.  And not only will never visit a physical library again (kidding)  - I absolutely will make a donation to keep programs like this one going (truth). It lets you check out eBooks with your library card! (What?) Genius!

VO4TA: The Truth


A very talented woman I made an acquaintance with a few years ago asked me to listen to her demo.  She’d played it for the guys at the radio station where she’d interned a few years back and they had said it was good.  


VO4TA: Build


So, I’m working with an actor - and I see the spec say “exciting and fast paced with a build”.  


And I forgot something.