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VO4TA: Steve Martin


“Side Effects by Steve Martin”


“DOSAGE: take two tablets every six hours for joint pain.”

VO4TA: Pet Peeves


ACTOR: What bothers you that an actor does….  Well, I guess I’m saying, when an actor comes in to audition for you - are there things you don’t like that they sometimes do?


HPK: You mean - what are my “pet peeves”?

VO4TA: NPR Ear Training Guide


This is the coolest thing I’ve seen online in a long time.  


The NPR Ear Training Guide for Audio Producers


It is a page that simply but specifically talks about different recording problems, editing problems and mixing problems.  


VO4TA: Napoleon's Clothes


If you were on stage playing say, Napoleon inevitably you’d need to strike his classic portrait pose; hand on the abdomen with fingertips just inside the buttons. Costumed correctly, the coat and everything about the uniform, (hat, breeches, etc.) would be there.

VO4TA: Wrap Around


Commercial Feedback on Monday February 20th!  7 to 9. Only four spots left! Please take a look and tell a friend.


And SAG /AFTRA Class Thursday February 16th! If you are a member - check it out!


Here’s a technique I don’t think I’ve talked about.  


VO4TA: Announcers, Narrators and Comment


February Class on the 20th!  Monday night 7 to 9.  Spots going fast!  Please take a look and tell a friend.  


It's a bit of a disservice that the character we cast most often is still called "announcer" or "announcer VO" (AVO).  It's a holdover from a different era of commercial writing. 

VO4TA: Demo Related Questions


When was the first time you were asked for a demo?  By whom? Why? What is the relationship between demos and auditions?

VO4TA: Slating


ACTOR: I mean I was there! I actually saw a producer just listen “slate, slate, slate, slate...” Nothing else.


HPK:  I’ve heard of that, too.

VO4TA: A Master List


(Please let me know, Gentle Reader, if I miss anything…)


In voiceover you make money doing…


Commercials, Promos, Affiliates, Imaging, Politicals, Narration, Audiobooks, Animation, Video Games, Movie and DVD Trailers, E learning and Training, Industrials, Messages On Hold, Interactive Voice Response, ADR / Dubbing, Looping and Live Announce.

VO4TA: More Gear


I’ve been thinking about the last ten years I’ve been doing this strange day gig.  Not many people get to be a voice casting director for “a leading bi-coastal talent agency” for as long as I have.  Not in this day and age.  Go listen to my interview here for more.  It’s halfway down the page.