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1. How do HPK’s classes work and how can I register?

Hugh currently teaches three kinds of classes at Pomann Sound - each of which focus on Commercial Voiceover in three distinctly different ways.  When he guests elsewhere the classes are announced on their respective websites.  The Commercial Voiceover Development Workshop is an 8-hour class taught as a weekend intensive or four 2-hour evening sessions.  You will spend at least half of that time in the booth recording and hearing others work through exercises.  This is currently $300.00.   The Commercial Critique Workshop is 2-hours for $75.00.  This is usually held on the third Wednesday of the month.  The Professional Masterclass is 2-hours for $100.00.  It is usually taught the second Wednesday of the month. You receive all the audio for your classwork after the class is concluded.  Unlike other acting classes, none of these classes are required to take the other - but seats for the Professional Masterclass are by application only.  There are more details on the About Classes page.  To register or ask questions, please email:

2. How many people are in each class?

There are a maximum of 8 students in each class that Hugh teaches at Pomann.  When he guests elsewhere the number of seats is up to the host. Usually 8 to 12.  Seminars are sometimes quite large  

3. Do I need to be an actor to study with Hugh?

No, you do not need to be an actor to take a VO4TA class.  Public speakers, on air talent, improvisers, and others all have gotten a great deal out of taking VO4TA classes.  But these classes only teach voiceover; not breathing, articulation or speech techniques.  

4. Is auditing allowed?

Although we do understand that auditing can be a very valuable experience, these classes have a very small size and very personal coaching in the booth.  Because of this, auditing is not allowed.